Our work began at Christmas 1993, with a distribution of food in the northeastern hinterland.

In these 26 years of acting, we never leave the real meaning of Christmas, bringing hope and love. On this December trip, we met thousands of people who welcomed us with gestures of gratitude. The transformation is in the eyes of children, in the joy of young people in college and in the men and women who have left in the past the calloused hands of hoe and drought and today work in our factories and workshops.

With thousands of Friends, we’re bringing Christmas lights to families who once didn’t know what Santa Claus was and for children who had never won a toy. We know that this is still the sad reality of thousands of families in the hinterland. That’s why I’m sharing our trip details with you and invite you to continue making every day Christmas.

With affection and gratitude,

Alcione Albanesi

On December 25, more than 200 volunteers from São Paulo left their homes to make Christmas for 100,000 people from the hinterland.

In this Christmas distribution, the Friends of Good were divided between Alagoas, Pernambuco and Ceará and traveled about 4,000 kilometers to bring to families already registered and to the villages not yet served, more than   300 tons of food, 230,000 pieces of clothing,   100,000 toys   and   10,000 books.

The celebrations took place for thousands of children in our 4 Transformation Centers and in 150 villages,where families eagerly awaited the arrival of “Father Christmas”. The donations were delivered hand in hand, accompanied by music, joy, smiles and hugs. An emotion for the communities and also for the volunteers, such as Thainá Araújo, who delivered the food she herself received in supermarket stores in São Paulo. “I’ve been volunteering for years and it’s exciting to see all this transformation and feel people’s gratitude for what we do. It was an unforgettable trip, I come back with the desire to do even more.”

How much love fits in this one? 

Every year, children and young people from 4 to 14 years old, who have attendance in the classes of our Transformation Centers, receive the Christmas Bags, delivered by our volunteers.

The Christmas Bags are donated by “godparents” and “godmothers” and are composed of socks; panties or underwear; footwear; toys and clothes. For smaller children, balls and dolls can not miss. On the other hand, young people aged 13 to 14 were given games to stimulate reasoning.

The present is an incentive to learn and reduce school dropout, so common in isolated villages in the northeastern hinterland.

For assembling the bags, volunteers work throughout the year in the organization of donations, which are destined for the three different states. They all have complete data on the children and undergo a thorough inspection. On it, also goes the love of each donor and volunteer.

Thousands of children receive them with affection, such as Jadson, from Mutirão (PE), a village that in 2019 came to be attended by our project. It’s his first year in our Transformation Center: “I’ve never received a gift like this. Is it everything just for me? It’s like a dream.”


In this Distribution, we – Amigos do Bem – organized another “Shop” for young people, students over 15 years of age from the Transformation Centers.

In the shops, 230,000 pieces of clothing,shoes and hygiene kits. Each young person could choose the pieces of his preference.

The shops were set up at the Youth Meeting, when there were also lectures and competitions with several awards. This action contributes to the increase of self-esteem, interaction between students and to stimulate a social interaction with citizenship, respect and friendship.


United in the purpose of doing good, companies engage in Christmas Distribution.

Amigos do Bem was the institution chosen in Brazil for a campaign in Latin America Free Market. With the initiative, the company made a donation of 5,000 toys and 10,000 books to be delivered this year to children and young people in the hinterland.

Each Transformation Center created a space to encourage reading, where children and young people could choose a book, selected by the pedagogical team by age group, in a playful and fun environment.

The Luiza   Magazine also collaborated with toys that were donated by consumers in a special Children’s Day campaign. The gifts were intended for children from needy and isolated villages who are not yet regularly attended by friends of good. Children who won toys for the first time, received unexpected gifts with hugs and smiles.

In another action with the Friends of Good, the Carmen Steffens   donated more than 10,000 pairs of shoes to men and women from poor villages in the hinterland. The shoes were exposed in each community so that they could choose the pairs that pleased them the most. The reactions were enthusiastic about the present: “I’ve never worn such a beautiful shoe! I would not be able to buy, thank you!” said Luciene Bezerra, from the village of Cajueiro, in the hinterland of Ceará, already wearing the new footwear.